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H o w  t o  s t e a m  l i k e  a  p r o f e s s i o n a l


A steamer is an iron tool used by professionals and stylists in the fashion industry. Looking at a load of ironing, you may have wanted a simpler way to get it done, such as using a garment steamer. 



H o w  a  s t e a m e r  w o r k s


Steamer work by pressing hot steam (near 100 C) through the fabric. The steam causes the textile fibers to swell, soften and regain their natural shape.  

The steamer is gentler on clothes and easy to simple to work with. They aid in keeping wrinkle-free and fresh for a longer period. When you are using a garment iron, all you require to do is to hang your clothes, turn on the steamer and start steaming. 

スチーマーは蒸気(約100℃)で織物を通して働きます。蒸気は織物のシワをほぐし、元の状態に戻させる力を持っています。つまり、繊維にやさしい。布は水分を含むと繊維が柔らかくなります。柔らかくなると縮んでいた部分は水分のおかげで膨らみます。 柔らかくなった布は引っ張るとシワがなくなり、乾いてもそのままの状態を保ちます。 


T h e  D i f f e r e n c e  B e t w e e n   A n  I r o n  a n d  A  S t e a m e r

First, an iron requires the use of an ironing board, while a garment steamer is handheld and can be used on hanging clothes.

Secondly, an iron will take time to heat up while a steamer definitely takes lesser time. When you iron, you can define pleats and creases of shirts, trousers, and skirts, which is not possible with a garment steamer as applying pressure with it is not possible. 

A garment steamer may be great for lighter and more delicate fabrics that are in danger of getting burnt by an iron. Garment steamers may also be better for heavy clothes that are difficult to iron such as wedding gowns or the like. 



S t e a m i n g  R a n g e  o f  U s e


All textiles can be steamed except for leather and suede. Because every fabric is different, your ironing technique may need to be adjusted to make sure you don't damage your favorite linen pants or cashmere sweater. Make sure to check the label inside your clothing or linens to see the recommended fabric care instructions, including ironing recommendations. 






Steamers can get your life to be simple. Think about buying a large garment steamer if you need to use the steamer regularly. The compact handheld unit will work for you if you want to use the steamer once a while.


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