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⚫︎Co-Founder / Creative Director / COO

⚫︎JP: +81-532-69-3588


Japan Office
Steamer PRO-X1 image4-3_edited.jpg


⚫︎Co-Founder / Designer

⚫︎SE: +46-763032151

Stockholm Office
Shinposteamin store | office   
Japan | Toyohashi | 4400045 | Azumacho 189
Stockholm office   
Sweden | Stockholm | 16260 | Jämtlandsgatan 84 lgh 1002 Vällingby 
Shanghai office 
China | Shanghai | 201105 | Block A-303, L'OREAL Business Building, Zhong Chun Road 8923,  Minhang Qu
Taichou office | X factory  
China | Taichou | 318020 | #69 Biqing Road Jiangkou Street



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